Jai. 22. From the SUNSHINE STATE College girl. Crazy Yankees fan. In ♥ with JUICEHEAD GUIDOS. Cheetah print feen. Army of one. Move to the beat on my own drum. I'm in ♥ with $$$. I'm a B O S S!


@brunomars: Joe and Sal came down to the show in Albany tonight. If y’all ain’t seen the show Impractical Jokers you’re missing out. Apparently Mur was there lerkin around but was to cool to get in on this epic selfie. #scoopskie

I love impractical jokers



june has had enough

june strikes again


Frank: Suddenly!

Dean: What happened?

Frank: I saw your face right there.


Jose Bautista and Derek Jeter walk on the field before the MLB All-Star baseball game, Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

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